Award winning software development

Katalyst Interactive is an award-winning software development company based in Adelaide, South Australia. We build custom websites and applications for businesses from growing digital start-ups and small business through to enterprise and government.

Over the last 19 years, we’ve honed our process and refined our technology. Our services provide businesses the benefits of creating their own applications that leverage their organisations intellect and fit perfectly with how they work. Our process is transparent and we encourage our clients to be intimately involved with each project.

We use an Agile approach for complex projects or start-ups, as well as following a more traditional waterfall process for some clients. We’ve combined our excellence in methodology with a holistic approach to user experience that involves both our designers and engineers. We’ve found this approach creates the most usable applications.

As one of the most experienced Ruby on Rails web development agency in South Australia, our custom Content Management System (CMS) is created in Ruby on Rails and is used in over 30 local, national and international sites.

We value the relationships we have developed with our clients and the trust they put in us to deliver their projects year after year. We’re proud to say that some of the most trusted organisations in Australia continue to choose Katalyst Interactive. From the Adelaide Fringe and The University of Adelaide through to the Victorian and South Australian Governments. Our work has also been recognised in awards both nationally and internationally.

Jason Sidoryn

Founder and Director

Jason founded Katalyst Interactive over 19 years ago and has grown the company to become one of the most trusted developers of custom web sites in South Australia. With a deep understanding of both the design and technical aspects of a project, Jason provides guidance and leadership to create projects that are successful on all levels.

From the early days, Jason has placed a focus of creating innovative and highly engaging web applications. This led to the development of several groundbreaking projects for ABC, SBS and BBC. More recently, Jason has overseen key projects such as the multi-award winning projects for YourSAy and Pick My Project.

As the web continues to evolve, Jason has driven Katalyst Interactive to explore and learn new methods and technologies. As an early adopter of Agile, Jason now has over 10 years of experience running custom software projects using Agile methodologies.

Away from the director’s chair, Jason is a proud father and husband who enjoys spending time with his family and is an active member of the Entrepreneurs Organisation.

Our Team

  • Jamie Banks

    Senior Project Manager

  • Stephen Nelson

    Director of Engineering

  • Brendan Hart

    Lead Software Engineer

  • Matt Redmond

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Liviana Baldino

    Project Delivery Manager

  • Andy Williams

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Ananya Rama Murthy

    Software Engineer

  • Sughosh Rao

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Alan Cornthwaite

    Frontend Software Engineer

  • Louie Young

    Software Engineer

  • Angus Scheibner

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Hasarinda Thenuwara

    Software Engineer

  • Andrew Austin

    Marketing and Growth Mgr