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2017 United Nations Public Service Award Winner

Jul 23 2017
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The 2017 UN Award winning Fund My Community initiative was supported by the YourSAy online platform designed and developed by Katalyst Interactive.

Each year, Fund My Community involves the community into deciding how AUD$1 million can be used to improve the lives of disadvantaged, isolated or vulnerable South Australians. As a digital participatory budgeting program, Fund My Community invites South Australian citizens to take part in a “community assessment,” reviewing the applications and allocating the funding to the projects or services that they believe will have the biggest impact. Fund My Community contributes to the SDGs by building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels. Evaluation has shown that this participatory approach has multiple benefits for government, non-government applicant organisations and the community.

The 2017 awards received 552 nominations from 62 countries with 8 winners announced.

Katalyst is very proud and thankful to have been directly involved in this groundbreaking and exciting project.

Watch the awards on Youtube at