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Katalyst Family Day at the Pageant 2019

By Andrew, Operations Manager
15 November 2019
For generations, one of the most exciting annual events for families in Adelaide is the Christmas Pageant. It has become the largest public parade in the Southern Hemisphere and is only rivaled in size by Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. This year the Christmas Pageant featured 88 floats with an anticipated 350,000 people attending the event.

This year our team had the idea to use the new Katalyst office to watch the parade and so we made this into a family day. We spruced up the office from floor to ceiling with decorations and invited staff to bring their partners and children to the office where they could watch the parade as it made its way down King William Street.

It was a long anticipated wait as the floats made their way around the city and finally passed the office. Our staff and guests were treated to a lovely aerial view of floats, marching bands, and crowds of people watching the parade.

Our staff and their families had such a great time and we’re thinking of doing it again next year.