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Why Katalyst

Why we might be a great fit

Here are some things we think make us a great choice for your project. If these also matter to you then we’ll likely have a good time working together.

You're in control

Our team will provide you with full transparency. You’ll know exactly what work is planned, what work has been done, and how long it has taken. When the unexpected happens, we’ll inform you immediately so you can choose the best course of action.

Great client relationships

Undertaking a custom build requires a team who will stand at your side and is willing to go into the trenches with you. It’s a relationship built on trust and the understanding that we are all working together to get the best outcome for you. When challenges arise, everyone steps up.

We get it done

Projects launch on time, features go live regularly, and bugs are quickly squashed. We know the right balance between process and productivity to deliver as much as possible for your budget.

The right balance of UX and Engineering

What’s expedient to build isn’t always the best solution. Throughout our projects we spend time exploring multiple ideas to ensure what we’re building is the best fit for your users. Even if it occasionally makes our engineers life a little more difficult.

We play well with others

Many projects bring with it the challenge of working effectively with other teams and companies who are part of your project.This may be your internal IT department, integrating with a 3rd party API or taking direction from your creative agency. We respect the skills of everyone in the extended team and proactively find ways to make things work.

We’re custom software experts

Developing a custom solution guarantees that it fits you like a glove. You don’t need to force your processes or requirements into someone else’s plan. Building custom software can go bad, be expensive or overly risky. We’ll deliver all the benefits without the downsides. We’ve successfully done this many times.

20+ years developing software

From start-ups to enterprise we’ve got proven experience to deliver your project. Not only have we learned a thing or two about what works, you know we’ll be around for the next 20 years too.

We speak at the right level

We speak to the level of technology our clients are comfortable with and in areas of uncertainty, we will spend time to explain and help clients understand the information required to make decisions on their project.

Support and maintenance done right!

Once the project is launched, we’ll celebrate, but that’s just the beginning. Core business projects often require improvements and new features. We consider providing outstanding maintenance and support just as important as developing a great product in the first place. We’re there for the long term.