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Working at Katalyst

To enquire about a career at Katalyst, please send an email to and include a resume and cover letter which tells us a little about yourself and what you’re passionate about.

We’re focused on having a balance and working sustainably

We place focus on work-life balance by keeping to standard working hours (38 hours for full-time staff). On occasions when overtime is required, we reach an agreement with the team and pay at an overtime rate.

Life is pretty flexible here

We understand that coming to the office every day isn’t always practical. Staff can work from home up to two days every week as a recurring arrangement. This is in addition to ad-hoc requests to work from home. We’re flexible on start and end times too and have designed meeting days to help planning around office commitments. Sometimes staff need to reduce their time at work for a few months to meet other commitments, so we also support reduced working hours.

Katalyst is a well-established business with steady growth

Our company has a rich history spanning over twenty years. As a business, Katalyst is proven and stable with a well-known list of quality clients who we’ve partnered with for many years, some for over a decade. We’ve experienced steady growth and continue to attract larger client projects.

The team are a collaborative and considerate bunch

We believe that the team works better as a truly collaborative endeavour with greater shared ownership of decisions and the ability to challenge and question each other respectfully.

Our flat structure doesn’t concern itself with ego, hierarchy and bureaucracy

We believe opportunities shouldn’t be based on hierarchy. If you are capable, we'll give you something challenging. Many staff have developed quickly at Katalyst simply due to the responsibility they have taken on. This is different from some organisations where there's a set hierarchy and you need to work your way up.

We choose projects that make a difference

We favour taking on projects that make a difference to the community and the world. We’ve chosen projects that help indigenous communities to keep their traditions alive. We work with not-for-profits at reduced rates. We’ve worked with state governments to engineer large-scale solutions which empowered Australians to vote on how public funds should be spent in their community. We’ve also worked on transformational projects in the education sector that have improved the experience for students enrolling at university.

You will be in good company with other bright minds

When recruiting, we seek out candidates who can bring new knowledge and experience to enrich the team. We draw on a variety of backgrounds including academic achievement and industry experience, with most staff holding a degree, masters or PhD in their field. Others bring significant real-world experience and depth from working in the industry. With many of our staff having over a decade of industry experience and some over two decades, you will be surrounded by highly experienced professionals and bright minds at Katalyst.

We strive to help careers thrive

We support staff to upskill and keep pace with industry change and to be provided opportunities to progress into more senior roles that support their career goals and ambitions. We look internally first and promote within, and where we look outside the organisation, we hire candidates who complement and enrich the existing skill and knowledge of the team. More senior members of our team are also involved in providing mentoring, coaching, and support to the team.

A culture that pragmatically blends design and engineering

We’re pragmatic in our approach to design and engineering while also taking pride in our craft; from the design of front-end interactions through to how we write code and manage our Git workflows. We are always improving and finding better ways to do things and we take the initiative to learn the latest techniques to continuously improve the way we work.

Remuneration and great working conditions that keep pace with change

We provide an attractive remuneration package and perform annual salary reviews against changes in the industry. Though we are not a large company, we punch above our weight by combining competitive remuneration with favourable working conditions.