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Team event - Disc golf in the city parklands

By Andrew, Operations Manager
11 January 2021
This year the team at Katalyst voted to play disc golf for our end-of-year team event. Disc golf is a sport that involves throwing a disc (think frisbee) on a golf-inspired course. Players complete each section of the course by throwing a disc from the tee-off area toward a target. The objective to make the least number of throws possible to reach the target.

With festive attire encouraged, the day started with picking up the discs which we hired from The Stag in Adelaide’s east end where we all also found ourselves holding an esky of drinks for the journey ahead.
The next stop was Adelaide parklands which features its very own disc golf course near Rymil Park. Our engineering director, who might have thrown a disc or two before, gave as a brief rundown of Disc Golf which went something like - aim in the direction of the target and hope for the best! 
A few throws in and some brilliant athletic techniques began to emerge across the team. From a light toss to vigorous throws, with discs flying toward the target - and a few went in the opposite direction finding a more scenic route to the target.

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After completing the course of nine holes, some winners and not-so-much-winners emerged. The team enjoyed the first round so much we regrouped for another round and some more over-enthusiastic throwing action.

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With tired arms tired and hungry stomachs, it was time for lunch at Ballabosta on Halifax Street. It was a hard decision but we settled on selections of their Street Mezee to share around the group.
Our team had a great time and the bar was raised higher for Katalyst team events. 

The big question now is … what will Katalyst do for our 2021 end-of-year event?