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Team Event - Kayaks, Shipwrecks, and Christmas lunch.

By Andrew, Operations Manager
20 March 2024
As 2023 came to a close, the Katalyst team discussed ideas for our annual end-of-year celebration. After considering options like golf, go-kart racing, and kayaking, we reached a consensus choosing an adventure that promised excitement and a chance to connect with nature—kayaking at Garden Island. 

Our engineering director Stephen, kicked off the day by cycling to the island, setting a tone of personal challenges and adventure. Our team rendezvoused at the Garden Island boat ramp, greeted by friendly guides from Adventure Kayaking SA. With two-person kayaks ready to go, all we had to do was pair up. The guides walked us through kayaking basics and safety precautions before we made our way down to the water's edge with kayaks in hand.
Learning the basics of Kayaking
Staff paddling through the water
The plan for the day was a guided tour of the Dolphin Sanctuary and Shipwrecks Graveyard, which would take us around Garden Island and into the mangroves. Though the dolphins decided to skip our event, the tour was far from a letdown. Between paddling efforts, we enjoyed friendly banter and discussions that ranged from our favourite projects to the local bird wildlife. Our guides took us to different shipwrecks, telling stories of Garden Islands' maritime history and the remnants left behind.

Leaving the Shipwrecks Graveyard, we followed our guides toward the mangrove forests. These unusual trees grow in the salty waters, forming narrow openings leading to a natural maze of pathways that weave and wind through the forest. Perfect for exploring with kayaks! 

The narrow confines of the waterways within the mangroves presented a unique challenge. Manoeuvring through the tight spaces tested our coordination and teamwork, and included squeezing past other tour groups heading the opposite way. It was an engaging experience, especially when the guides took the opportunity to teach us about the ecosystem and how the trees survived in such a difficult environment.
Kayaking in the mangroves
More kayaking in the mangroves
On the way back to the boat ramp, the different kayak pairs inevitably started a spontaneous race. In the end, Matt and Brendan's craft narrowly stole victory from the pair of Andrews, who miscalculated the final turn.

With our kayaking adventure over, our next stop was Bloom Cafe in Thebarton for lunch. This part of our day was all about relaxing, indulging, and celebrating the festive season together. We arrived a bit earlier than planned, so we took the opportunity to engage in a friendly game of Bocce. 

Once seated, the atmosphere turned festive as the courses began to arrive. The banquet laid out before us was a feast for the senses, seasonally inspired and full of Adelaide’s locally sourced ingredients. The popping of Christmas crackers ensued, and after donning the festive hats, we shared a collective groan as the bad jokes began to circulate.

Playing bocce and popping crackers
Enjoying the food at Bloom
As the day's adventures came to a close, we found ourselves reflecting on the experiences shared and the memories made. From the tranquil waters around Garden Island to the festive atmosphere at Bloom, our event wasn't just about marking the end of the year; it was a celebration of our journey together and the great clients and projects we’ve worked on this year at Katalyst.
Lunch in our festive paper crowns
Our journey took us from paddling through shipwrecks and navigating mangroves to a simple game of Bocce and sharing laughs in our paper crowns over lunch. Working together as a team while still enjoying ourselves, the day was a memorable reflection of the way we chose to work at Katalyst.

To everyone who has been a part of our journey this year, thank you. Here's to a new year filled with innovation, success, and working together to achieve our goals. 

Happy holidays from all of us at Katalyst Interactive.