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Team event - Mountain bike tour in McLaren Vale

By Andrew, Operations Manager
02 March 2020
Last year the staff at Katalyst Interactive voted to go riding mountain bikes in McLaren Vale for our end-of-year team event. Unfortunately, with the terrible fires and hot weather last December, we delayed going until the weather improved. And so last Friday we headed to McLaren Vale with Escapegoat Adventures, a local business that operates mountain bike tours throughout the Adelaide region. 

We started our tour at O'halloran Hill and made our way through scenic winding trails with breathtaking views. Along the way, we were lucky enough to spot a koala and a few kangaroos. Eventually, we made our way to the Swell Brewing Co. for lunch and a few games of Finska. Then it was back on the bikes to ride to our next destination, which felt a little more challenging after eating lunch.
through the wine yards
The next stop in our trip was Goodieson Brewery but first we had to ride down a few more trails, cut through some vineyards, and get plenty of speed down backroads. We arrived at Goodieson Brewery in the afternoon and just it time, because well everybody was getting pretty tired by this stage! The team enjoyed tastings of the locally brewed beer, and we spent a few hours relaxing until it was time to head home. 
on the road
Special thanks goes to our team member Jamie, who did all the organising of the event. Thanks also goes out to our great host at Escapegoat Adventures, who worked with us to put together a bespoke mountain bike tour that fit with exactly what our staff wanted.