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A world-first way for any donor to donate to a charity and have their donation matched by companies

Katalyst Interactive worked with Frank Demoiseau to develop his start-up idea, Givematcher, a fund-raising start-up with a world-first way for any donor to donate to a charity and have their donation matched by companies. Katalyst worked with Frank and co-founder Mark Steen to develop their application which, in 2015, was the winner of the Australian Good Design Award. This innovative platform created a more effective process for individuals and companies to donate, and for charities to fundraise.

The Challenge

With individuals and companies donating in a largely disjointed and isolated fashion, Frank Demoiseau saw an opportunity and approached Katalyst Interactive to prototype a modern donation platform he called Givematcher.  He wanted to maximise the value of donations by linking donors with companies (matchers) to match their donation.  The donor benefits as their donation is multiplied, companies benefit by getting better visibility of their donation efforts and charities benefit by increased donations.
The challenge was to develop an application that could clearly explain the idea of Givematcher, accept donations, and bring together the matching company in simple to use way. The application needed to include donor donations, peer-to-peer fundraising, company budget management, company matching, company reporting, charity campaign / event management, and charity reporting.

The Solution

The complexity of the idea, as well as uncertainty of what the end product needed to be, meant an Agile methodology was best suited. This approach allowed Katalyst to quickly build working versions of the product which Frank would show to charities and donors to obtain feedback. With over 10 years of experience using an Agile approach to software development and over 19 years developing custom applications, Katalyst was an ideal technology partner for Frank to develop his startup.

When each new version of the product was developed, the feedback from users testing the product was reviewed and then integrated into the development of the next iteration of the product. This approach allowed Givematcher to evolve as a product based on user feedback. This reduced the risk of building something based on assumptions that the end user would not want to use.

Personalised matching

Today it is important for brands to find authentic ways to connect with the market and show they are making a difference in the world. Matching donors, charities, and companies was key to the Givematcher value proposition that would provide an ROI for companies to be active and matched to donors on the platform. Katalyst developed the application to allow companies to nominate their matching preferences for donors, and this was used to match donors in real-time with the companies supporting the same charity.

Simplicity in the outcome

Katalyst worked through many iterations of the user experience to develop a simple but effective journey for the donors as well as the companies and charities. This user journey had to explain how Givematcher worked, entice users to try the platform, and make the transaction simple for all parties.

Katalyst developed state-of-the-art minimalistic user designs using a responsive framework that works on devices of any size. For example, the charity page is well structured and allows the charity to promote themselves while maintaining the overall branding of the site. Call to actions are clear and the page is focussed on encouraging a donation to be made. The mobile version achieves the same outcomes in a smaller area.
For each of the donors, companies and charities, we have hidden the complexity, to the point that we have comments that our solution is very easy and simple to use, we often have to remind people that there is a lot of sophistication behind the scenes
Frank Demoiseau
Founder of Givematcher

Custom built to be lean

The application was custom designed from ground-up. All aspects of the system were developed by Katalyst to be self-service and automated. For example, companies, donors and charities are all aligned and connected to each other by matching algorithms that were developed.

Payment integrations

Trust is at the core of charity donation and Givematcher needed to provide an easy, convenient, and secure payment workflow for donors. Katalyst developed donation user journeys which were integrated the application into NAB’s banking payment gateway. These were tested with end users with feedback used to improve the experience.

The Outcome

 Givematcher has been a radical reimagining of the traditional approach to fundraising. With Agile approach and custom development, which Katalyst is an expert, start-ups like Givematcher can bring conceptual ideas to life as working applications. Ideas can be quickly tested and refined from user feedback. This approach reduces some of the risks attached to creating a start-up and enables founders to take risks to try new ideas and get their products to market for feedback.


  • Start-up product successfully launched to market
  • Good Design Award Winner 2015
  • Projected to create 10% growth to $500 million of yearly donations in Australia
good design

Award-winning Design

Givematcher was the winner of the Australian Good Design award in 2015. This innovative start-up took a unique approach to charitable giving using technology as an enabler. Companies, donors, and charities and benefit from this winning product.

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